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Who is Skypumpen?

Who is Skypumpen

You are probably here because you have noticed my presence in social media and maybe searched for something on Google. Here is what you need to know about Skypumpen.

Skypumpen started as a personal blog a documented place for my own learning-experience. I have worked with internet and social media since the early beginnings, so it became natural for me to establish a website. I have done that with every hobby and interest I’ve had through the years. My first web-project was completely health-related and after 1 year of business I sold it to another major player.

Skypumpen is a Norwegian web-magazine and I write general articles about vaping besides doing reviews. Everything happens in my native language, Norwegian. The only place I write in english is on my international channel on Instagram.

I pride myself in doing honest and constructive reviews where I point out flaws, and specifies who I believe the product it perfect for. I offer no option to buy positive reviews, but it is posible to buy full coverage which includes video-review on top of a written one and full coverage in my social channels like facebook, instagram and pinterest.

If you want your product on the Scandinavian market, then I am the person you should talk to. I have close bonds with Norwegian retailers and have established social channels with an engaging audience. People know that I will only offer my honest opinion, but I do in no way look at myself as a judge, jury or expert.

I am more or less a dedicated vaper with an extensive collection of products..

If you want to send me stuff for review then please send an email to

My adresss for promotional consideration is:

Jo Chr. Rand
Nedre Toppenhaug 149
1353 Bærums Verk

I Stronlgy suggest that you either ship with door to door delivery or with signed tracking as my mailbox is full almost every day.

A review will be published as soon as I have enough information gathered. A thypical waiting period is between 1-3 weeks, but can in some cases be rushed based on the complexity of the product.

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